Welcome to Chapel Hill Gynecology

The vision of Chapel Hill Gynecology is to be your home for women’s wellness and gynecologic services. We understand that every woman is different and has unique medical needs. 

Dr. Karen Clark and the team at Chapel Hill Gynecology have been caring for women in the Triangle for over 21 years. We utilize evidence-based guidelines and protocols, which are adjusted based on the needs and preferences of each individual patient. 

Having completed additional training beyond board certification, Dr. Clark is a certified menopause practitioner. She is able to deliver expert care to women experiencing perimenopause and menopause, often through the management of bioidentical hormone therapy. 

The hormonal imbalances caused by the natural transitions that occur during various phases of a woman’s life and lifestyle habits often result in a mix of physical and mental health challenges. 

Chapel Hill Gynecology is here to help you navigate through these transitions beginning at age 18 through post-menopause.

Although we specialize in menopause management and hormone therapy, we also provide comprehensive gynecological services including women’s wellness exams and the evaluation and management of various gynecological conditions. 

Our goal is to act as a partner in your health while giving you the tools and resources needed to take an active role in achieving and maintaining a state of health and wellness.

For more information about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment, call (919) 960-2720.