woman on chapel hill gynecology website to schedule telemedicine visit for hormone therapyAt Chapel Hill Gynecology, we’re offering you safety, peace of mind and options so you can have confidence in the care you are receiving during this time. 

In an effort to accommodate new and existing patients, and do our part to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we are now offering telemedicine visits to patients living in North Carolina. 

What is Telemedicine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has stimulated some much-needed changes in the way healthcare is administered, particularly the more widespread acceptance of telemedicine by insurers, providers and patients.

Telemedicine allows providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients virtually without an in-office appointment by using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Telephone visits can also be used if preferred. 

We anticipate that telemedicine will become a standard part of healthcare in the future. Not every patient requires an in-office visit in order to be accurately diagnosed and effectively treated. 

In many cases, telemedicine is a suitable alternative that offers numerous benefits for patients such as: 

  • Greater Convenience: Telemedicine visits do not require travel to the office.
  • More Efficient Use of Time: No more driving to the doctor’s office and back. Often by the time you factor in the actual length of the appointment, many people find themselves having to take a half-day off from work to accommodate travel time and a traditional office visit. 
  • Minimizes Exposure: By spending less time in the office, patients can better adhere to social distancing recommendations and reduce their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

Telemedicine Visits for Hormone Therapy

While traditional in-person office visits may still be needed for some women’s health concerns, telemedicine visits are available for hormone therapy.  

Thanks to technology, there’s no need to postpone feeling better until after the COVID-19 crisis has passed. Telemedicine visits can be scheduled for initiating hormone therapy and for follow-up of hormone therapy. 

How Does it Work?

Chapel Hill Gynecology is offering telemedicine visits for hormone therapy through a secure telemedicine platform, which allows you to connect with your provider through a convenient, safe and secure environment.

Prior to your virtual visit, we will send you a history intake form. This allows Dr. Karen Clark, a  gynecologist who specializes in hormone therapy, to familiarize herself with your medical history before your first telemedicine visit in order to maximize the time available for discussion. 

Any necessary lab work can be ordered at the time of your virtual visit. If imaging studies are needed, they can be ordered through a telemedicine visit as well. 

Test results will be discussed with you at a follow-up telemedicine visit, and options for management using bioidentical hormones will be discussed.  In cases where hormone pellet therapy is desired to address a hormone imbalance, an in-office visit is not needed until the day of pellet placement.

For more information or to arrange a telemedicine visit, please call Chapel Hill Gynecology at 919-960-2720 or click to request an appointment. If you are an established patient, you can also request an appointment via the patient portal.