When you are deciding to participate in hormone therapy it is important to find your ideal hormone therapy consultant. There are multiple characteristics that go into finding the most suitable option. Once you have decided which of these are most important to you, it can help you decide where you are going to go. Then, your journey through hormone therapy can begin.  

Characteristics Of A Great Hormone Therapy Consultant

Each of these characteristics speaks to a different part of being a hormone therapy consultant. You should feel confident in who you are trusting with hormone therapy sessions. At Chapel Hill Gynecology, you can be sure you are working with a hormone therapy consultant that answers to all of the following characteristics.  

They Have A Specialization In Hormone Health

A specialization in hormone health is essential to an excellent consultant. In the realm of hormone health, this specialization looks very particular. Such is the case for Dr. Karen Clark. Dr. Clark completed a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Duke University before becoming a Certified Menopause Practitioner. As a Certified Menopause Practitioner, Dr. Clark has specialized in learning about the way hormones work to provide care for women as they go through menopause. Along with this specialization, Dr. Clark also works on male hormone therapy. 

They Have Access To All Necessary Resources

Hormone therapy requires having access to all of the necessary resources. Whether it be the various types of hormones, methods of implementing them, or even the necessary resources, all of these are essential to a successful practice. The various treatment options available for hormone therapy mean can ensure that the consultant answers any need that a patient may require with regard to hormones. 

They Have Extensive Training 

A successful hormone therapy consultant has gone through extensive training. Along with specialization, a successful hormone therapy consultant has gone through extensive training paired with it. Knowing that the specialization and certification are there can help you also find their experiences and past works to learn about as well. 

They Are Invested In Your Medical Journey

Your medical journey is one that requires true investment from your consultant. It is not simply a treatment plan, but it is also a dedication to your path and finding the best solutions for you. This means spending one on one time getting to know you. It also means paying attention to how your journey is going and making necessary adjustments. There is not simply a dedication to hormone therapy but also the lifestyle changes they can advise you toward. This may mean diet suggestions or even new types of activities to include. 

You Feel Comfortable And Helped Around Them 

It is important to feel comfortable and helped by your hormone therapy consultant. This means that the difficult questions you need to be answered can happen with the comfort of your consultant. Johns Hopkins Medicine even lays out four tips for talking to your doctor. It does not have to be an intimidating venture for you during your medical journey. This journey can be one that you feel aided the entire process. 

Choosing a hormone therapy consultant can seem like a difficult task. This does not have to be a daunting decision once you have taken the important characteristics into consideration. It can make a difference in your journey through hormone therapy. Do you have more questions about choosing a hormone therapy consultant? At Chapel Hill Gynecology, we are dedicated to ensuring you are finding the provider that has your best interest in mind. Find more information on our website or give us a call at (919) 960-2720.